Things I enjoy about school

Genni, Woodcroft’s occupational therapist, interviews pupil H about things she enjoys about school.

G – Hi there, as you know we are trying to get an idea about what some of the pupils attending Woodcroft are really interested in and enjoy doing. As an ice-breaker, would you tell me about some of your favourite things?

H – I love the colour blue. Years ago when I was little I loved pink, but as I’ve got older blue has become my favourite. I tend to choose toys that are blue and best of all water is blue – that’s probably why I like it.

My favourite food is Mac ‘n’ cheese and I love the ‘orange’ cheese we have in school, which is organic and dairy free!

I love cooking and my ambition is to be on the tv one day. I would really like to be selected for something like Junior Bake-Off.

I love animals, real ones like horses and cats – I have three cats by the way! I also like unicorns and alicorns (they are unicorns with wings).

G – What is your favourite hobby?

H – I love bike riding. I go with my buddy. I like being outside. When I go with my buddy, we go in the bike lanes on the proper road and I can ride for about 15 minutes – I love it. She’s going to buy me a new helmet as a treat for doing so well. When I’m playing on my bike I like doing ‘tricks’.

G – What is your favourite thing to do in school, what subjects do you like?

H – I love ‘free play’ best, (laughs), but I get to do this as my choosing activity after I’ve finished my work. I don’t mind doing things like maths if I know I can do something I like afterwards. Things like ‘working fors …’ and ‘now and next’ boards really work for me, then I know what I’m supposed to be doing.

I love cooking and playtimes on the terrace too! I’m an outdoor ‘danger’ type of girl, I like taking risks and being in the fresh air. I love doing tricks on the scooter at school.

G – What is your favourite sport or activity off site?

H – I like whole school outings to places like Paradise Park. I love the inflatable playground there and making new friends from other schools. Last time we went I met another girl, she was called H too – it was fun. I hope to go there with my family.

I also love swimming, forest walks and especially pony riding. I like being outdoors and riding the ponies down the lane. I like to lead the group and help make choices about which way the whole group should go! Last time I chose to go over the big motorway bridge, it was great!

I am really looking forward to trying out Equine Therapy this term, it really sounds fun and I love horses. We will get to groom and paint the horses and wash them down, learn about what they eat and how to look after them. I’ll let you know how I get on!