At Woodcroft we are committed to pupil safeguarding in its widest sense. From child protection to health and safety, confidentiality to personal wellbeing, we expect all those who work with us to share this commitment.

The school’s three designated safeguarding officers hold safeguarding and wellbeing team meetings every half term. At these, they discuss the wellbeing of each pupil attending at the school and follow up specific concerns that may have been raised and acted on between meetings. The team also monitors and develops safeguarding, health and safety practice and policy.

Links are maintained with local authority safeguarding professionals on a case-by-case basis.

The head teacher is the senior designated person responsible for safeguarding and is the first point of contact. The head teacher and safeguarding team will, in the event of raised concerns, act in accordance with the current safeguarding guidelines issued by Essex County Council, as our local safeguarding authority. This will involve working with safeguarding teams within pupils sending authorities where necessary.

We take account of guidance issued by the Department for Education in our policies on safety and wellbeing as well as in the recruitment and training of staff. Senior managers trained in safer recruitment are involved throughout our staff recruitment procedures.

Our Safeguarding children policy outlines the responsibilities and procedures that will be followed and is available with other related policies on the Policies page or from the school office.

Woodcroft has adopted the AJG SchoolShare programme to assist in the implementation of its Health and safety policy, which is also available on the Policies page.