Each pupil’s progress at Woodcroft is documented so that parents and the professionals involved in their education can be kept up to date.

When starting, pupils are assessed by our experienced multidisciplinary team in a variety of ways that form a baseline from which progress is measured. These assessments include home visits, classroom observations and discussions with pupils, parents and colleagues. Pupils are then regularly assessed and their progress recorded and collated.

Woodcroft School has established a regular assessment cycle, which provides feedback on progress, informs future planning and creates a record of pupils’ achievements.

The types of assessments we use depend on a pupil’s needs. Some are based on key skills rather than subjects. Highly trained professionals, such as speech and language therapists, help with the assessment profile of each pupil.

Every Woodcroft pupil has a Statutory Annual Review, which is held at the school. During this meeting the pupil’s progress and development in key skills and cross curricular areas, are assessed in depth. The pupil’s current needs and Woodcroft’s provision is also thoroughly reviewed. Parents are asked to contribute by attending this review and commenting on and helping to implement their child’s Education, Health and Care plan. Pupils are encouraged to contribute in whichever way suits them, supported by teaching or therapy staff.

Academic performance

Particulars of the school’s academic performance during last year, including the results of any public examinations, are available from the head teacher on request.