Welcome to Woodcroft Home School

We may not all be able to be together at the moment, but we still belong to the same community. This website is produced by the Woodcroft community for our children, parents and carers – particularly those who may be spending much of their time at home. 

Staff and parents regularly say to me that Woodcroft is like a family. For my sister Genni, my brother Ben and myself, Woodcroft is part of our family. When our parents Jane and Barry and their friends Barbie and Keith started Woodcroft in 1963 there was nowhere else like it. Many people say that there still is nowhere else like Woodcroft, and this website aims to share online the things that we’re thinking about that we hope you will find useful and entertaining.

Brian and the team at Woodcroft will continue to support pupils, parents and carers through these difficult times. The phone number at the top of every page is the most important feature on our website, so please don’t hesitate to pick up the phone to speak with Amy, Kirsty or Trish. They will put you through to Brian, another member of the senior management team, our school nurse Ruth, or your class teacher. We look forward to to hearing from you.

The Home School programme

Our editorial team are Abigail, Genni and Hedy. They all have key roles in the life of the school and know the pupils well. Thanks to our creative and technical friends at Top Left Design and DK Huxter, each day they will put together a selection of interesting pictures, videos and stories, alongside learning and therapy resources and links to things we’ve seen elsewhere that you may be interested in. 

There are also a few regular features. Story Time, where members of staff read their favourite books for the children. Denton’s Friday Cinema Club will screen rare and vintage children’s films (you may wish to turn down the lights and get the organic popcorn out). And we are doing an exclusive weekly serialisation of the cheerful Stanley books by William Bee.

Stanley and his friends will also feature in some special one-off illustrations like the one on this page, specially adapted by William Bee in collaboration with members of our teaching and therapy team to remind us of the world outside and explore and what is going on around us.

You can contact us via the menu bar at the top – please let us know what you think or make suggestions. And there’s a link to our regular website as well.


Each day the home page will be updated with a couple of new items, so it will be worth checking back regularly from 9.00 each week day morning, and from 3.30 for Story Time.

I hope you enjoy our new website and wish you and your loved ones all the very best.

Daniel Edwards, managing director

Stanley comes to Woodcroft

Children’s author and illustrator William Bee is a good friend of Woodcroft, and we were delighted when he offered his funny, colourful Stanley books to feature on the new Woodcroft Home School website. Stanley is a hamster who, along with his friends Hattie and Little Woo, explores everyday life through the busy world of work.

We all need cheering up from time to time, and while many of us are stuck at home it is good to remember those who are out there providing us with food and working on the things that will help us to bounce back when this is over. So, from Stanley’s adventures as a farmer, shopkeeper and train driver, through to his work as a builder and mechanic, join us as we celebrate those who continue to keep things going in our every day lives.

Stanley will be exclusively available to all of our parents completely free via the new Woodcroft Home School website. We will be serialising his adventures each week, starting with Stanley’s School. Those of you who look closely may even recognise something familiar about this particular educational establishment …

Many thanks to William Bee (and our mutual friend Ian Bilbey) for making this special edition possible. Tune in again on Monday 27 April from 9am for our first instalment: Stanley’s School!