Woodcroft is approved by the Department for Education and inspected by Ofsted. We had a very successful Ofsted inspection in June 2019. The inspectors judged us to be a good school and noted our outstanding provision for personal development and welfare. A copy of the report can be downloaded here.

Here is the inspectors’ Summary of key findings for parents and pupils:

  • Leaders work assiduously to continue to improve the school. They have ensured that all the independent school standards are met.
  • The headteacher and directors have created a caring and supportive environment where pupils are safe and extremely well cared for.
  • The ethos of meeting pupils’ individual needs is at the heart of the school. Pupils thrive because the provision for personal development and welfare is outstanding.
  • Teachers plan lessons that are closely matched to the needs of the pupils. Activities are interesting. As a result, pupils enjoy their learning.
  • Most pupils make at least good progress in a range of subjects. Sometimes, pupils are given work that does not sufficiently challenge their ability, because it does not give them the opportunity to take responsibly for their learning.
  • Transition arrangements for pupils entering and leaving the school are a strength.
  • Behaviour management is a strength. Staff know the pupils well and use their knowledge to effectively support pupils to manage their behaviour.
  • Pupils follow an inspiring curriculum that is well matched to their academic, social and emotional needs. However, in some academic subjects, there is not a clear sequence of learning that allows pupils to deepen their skills or understanding.
  • Pupils’ communication abilities are developed well.
  • In some subjects, the most able pupils are not making the progress of which they are capable when they lose interest in their work.
  • Safeguarding is given high priority and policies and procedures are followed rigorously by all staff. However, some of the documentation related to staff training is not kept up to date.
  • Parents value the work of the school and are highly complimentary about the difference the school is making to their child’s life.