Woodcroft is approved by the Department for Education and inspected by Ofsted. We had a successful Ofsted inspection in June 2016. The inspector judged us to be a good school and here is a summary of his main findings:

  • Leaders at all levels are ensuring that teaching, learning and assessment are good, and are promoting a strong culture for good behaviour in which pupils thrive.
  • Pupils respond well to the consistent management of their behaviour, because staff maintain excellent relationships with pupils.
  • Teachers have good knowledge of each pupil’s learning needs.
  • Staff are providing good welfare, support and guidance for all pupils. Consequently, pupils are making significant progress in their personal development, and their attendance is improving.
  • Pupils make at least good progress in a wide range of subjects, including reading, writing and mathematics. A few pupils make outstanding progress.
  • The head teacher provides good leadership and receives good support from the directors. Together they have ensured that all the independent school standards are met.
  • The head teacher and the board of directors have successfully addressed the areas for improvement identified at the previous inspection. They are ensuring that the school continues to improve.

A link to our page on the Ofsted website can be found here.