About us — introduction

At Woodcroft we work continuously to improve what we do in order to make every placement a success. The school opened in 1963 and is a family owned independent special school, registered and inspected by Ofsted and approved by the Department for Education. As a primary day school with a Key Stage 3 transition group, we are registered to take pupils up until the age of 13. The National Autistic Society accredits our provision. We are proud of our school and appreciate your interest.

Woodcroft is set in beautiful surroundings on the edge of Epping Forest with daily school transport links to London. We are close to local shops, a library and other services, so pupils can enjoy many activities within the wider community.

We have an experienced, committed and approachable team of teachers, therapists and support staff. We work in partnership with parents and local authorities to offer a broad, balanced and relevant curriculum, as well as practical support and care.

Woodcroft School works flexibly to meet the needs of its pupils. We provide a high staff to pupil ratio wherever needed – whether a child requires extra support in a mainstream school, or is likely to make more progress at a special school. With intensive therapy and support, Woodcroft aims to prepare pupils to continue their education within their local authority.

Dual placement, where a pupil stays on roll at two schools, and transition support linked to a mainstream school, may also be available for some pupils. Further details of these and other ways we can help are available from the head teacher.

Our ethos

Woodcroft’s ethos is based on putting the needs of its pupils first. Our approach is child-centred and practical, providing flexibility to adapt to pupil needs and to fit in with local authority services.

We believe that children should be treated with dignity and respect and given equality of opportunity. We believe in raising pupils’ self-esteem by treating them in a positive way. Some children have very special difficulties, but acceptance, understanding and intensive help can bring about change.

Our aims

  • to offer a safe and supportive environment within which pupils can develop to their full potential and live healthy, satisfying and independent lives within society;
  • to maintain a positive school culture where pupils are motivated and challenged by high expectations and success is consistently celebrated;
  • to support parents and local authorities by providing innovative and flexible services that ensure each pupil’s education is adapted to their needs;
  • to be widely recognised as a specialist centre where information, training and support is shared with parents, other schools, professionals and the wider community.