The magic of autumn at Woodcroft

One of the reasons children learn so well here at Woodcroft is because of our beautiful surroundings. And in autumn we feel it the most. We are located at the edge of Epping Forest, which is an ancient woodland that still belongs to the people of London.

Epping Forest was a royal hunting forest, but in the nineteenth century was earmarked for development. A local hero called Thomas Willingale campaigned for the preservation of Epping Forest and for its continued use as a beautiful public amenity and source of fuel for the local commoners.

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Things I enjoy about school

Genni, Woodcroft’s occupational therapist, interviews pupil H about things she enjoys about school.

G – Hi there, as you know we are trying to get an idea about what some of the pupils attending Woodcroft are really interested in and enjoy doing. As an ice-breaker, would you tell me about some of your favourite things?

H – I love the colour blue. Years ago when I was little I loved pink, but as I’ve got older blue has become my favourite. I tend to choose toys that are blue and best of all water is blue – that’s probably why I like it.

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Speech and language therapy

We have two speech and language therapists at Woodcroft. They work directly with pupils and support the staff team to ensure that effective strategies are in place across the school. They are available for home or school visits as part of admission and transition procedures.

The Woodcroft story

This picture was taken in 1963 during our first autumn term. You can see two of the founders, Keith Reynolds and Jane Edwards, standing by the steps to what is now Oak class. The girl in the centre of the picture wearing a white patterned jumper is Jane’s daughter Genni, who along with her brothers Ben and Daniel, is still closely involved with the management of the school.

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